Finally: The Weekend

My weekend is going to be busier than my workweek! This was how today unfolded…

I was supposed to give my money to the registrar at admission today, but my workday does not end until 4:00pm, and the college campus closes at 4:30–not enough time to make it there and pay them. So, that was a waist of a drive as I figured out the new summer hours once I got there, making the trip through rush hour traffic–twice.

It is payday today for me! So getting the Bank-note sent off to the Bank was a futile attempt in dealing with a bureaucratic nightmare that I never wanted. Oh I hate Banks… Anyway, the poor teller told me that this was standard procedure for cashing the cheque, and that I would be better if I left the money in their account for a couple of days and then withdraw the money with a debt-card. I replied, “NO” and waited while she phoned the branch that issued the business account and cleared it. What a waist of time these Banks are–I just want my money in cash thank you?

I was greeted by a kind old man who asked if I would help him take some stuff out from his brother’s home and unload at the dump because I drive a pick-up truck. I latter found out that his brother passed away and some of the items were damaged because of his death. I did not mind, and was glad to help him out, but as news spread throughout the neighbourhood, people could see that I was hauling out the poor man’s bed and linen, and then all the talk followed through like crows chirping and pecking at each other through the grapevine. Nosey, these people are–get over it folks! I did a service–get over it!

I have a major paper due by this coming Tuesday! This is worth 15 percent of the course, and I have only a 1st draft done. Oh I love deadlines… type type type.

Also, I have a final paper that requires that I have all my sources and complete outline due by next Tuesday too. I guess I’ll be locking the door and working the whole weekend inside rather than going out and having fun. Oh, the things I do to improve myself–the future better be none-stop fun after I graduate I tell you!

There, now, I must goes and work on my homework, and take care of the other “little” things I need to taken care of. Have a nice weekend everyone and be safe–and stay out of trouble.

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