Stuck in Traffic: Sending out an SOS

Well this is kind of freaky to use a bad word to describe what is going on here [right] now. I am stuck in traffic on Highway #1, the Trans Canada, just before the Granville Boundary Road overpass, because, there seems to be a little “fender-bender” and everyone seems to like “drive by really slowly to have a good look”, thus causing this massive grid-lock on the off-ramp–where I am currently parked. As luck would have it, I seem to have access to someone’s home unsecured WIFI, and with my wireless lap top, I am able to access the Internet while waiting for the traffic to move again.

*15 min later–seems like eternity*       So, what to do while waiting, stuck, in traffic? I am going to do some homework! So, I have the lap top on the dash, all my papers all laid out on the passenger seat and I am keeping one eye out for the car in front of me just encase they start to move. However, it has being about 15 min now since I stopped, and I figured that I might as well type out this post for the blog.

*5 min later*       So here it is, me, stuck in traffic, stealing someone else’s WIFI so I can upload this to my website—God you got to love modern technology!

5 Thoughts on “Stuck in Traffic: Sending out an SOS

  1. I love unsecured wireless internet.

    Thanks suckers!

  2. Okay, that’s just WRONG, Tom!! Jeez…

    Traffic sucks! Thankfully, I have a 5 minute walking commute that I never have traffic other than elevator stops for.

    I feel very lucky, especially after reading this post! 🙂

  3. Ooo! You big thief!!! 🙂

  4. Well, they’re stray radio waves…. and…. they accedently hit my lap-top and…. well, you know, my lap top liked them so much that it sent some back to where ever they came from…..

    That’s my story and I’m stick’n to it!

  5. sure
    thief! :-p

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