You Know its Hot When…

Finally the heatwave I have being waiting for has finally arrived. When I heard on the radio this morning that we were expected to break records over the next three days, I was both elated with happiness, and troubled with the pain of being outside for a long time because of sunburn. I love the hot whether, and yet, I am one of those wimpy people who needs that A/C going in the high-noon. I guess this all stems from living in a region that receives so much rain, clouds and cool days most of the year. When the sun is out, and the temperature goes up, I get very happy and I want to do lots of things outside, like camping and boating. But, when those hot muggy summer days starts to drag on, I start to whine and complain about the whether, and wish it were cool and damp again.

Top Ten List: You Know It Is Hot When…

  1. Your friend up in Yellowknife is complaining about how hot it is.
  2. You hop in your car, first thing in the morning to leave for work, and you are still in your house coat–with no underwear on!
  3. It is painful to open the door of your car when leaving work because you forgot to leave the windows open a crack.
  4. Ice-cubes are a thing of beauty.
  5. A Pool-Shark is a sick and twisted idea of fun while sitting at your desk thinking about how great it is going to be this weekend at the lake.
  6. You begin to consider that the A/C unit you have at home is not large enough, and so a major upgrade is in order–next pay-period.
  7. The girls in the office discover that the lawn sprinkler system can be turned on by a switch located right by the smoking area, and running through them is just to tempting: only the brave cannot resist!
  8. You sort of feel sorry for motorcycle drivers who are waiting at a long set of lights, trying to make a left-hand turn.
  9. Turning on the BBQ is to much effort.
  10. The beckoning call of beer, pizzas and music are everywhere when you get home from a hard days work and see your neighbours waving you over for a quick visit!

4 Thoughts on “You Know its Hot When…

  1. Yes, it was hot today and it’s gonna be a fair bit hotter through the weekend.

    And yes, I’m complaining too.

    I think I’ll hide away at Colossus in Langley this weekend. You know, buy one ticket, see 4 or 5 shows… all in air conditioned comfort. 😉

  2. I never knew you could do that at Colossus. But I see now… Because the gate is at the front entrance of each wing of the building, you could just walk from one cinema to a other and never pass it and loose your ticket. Cool.

    Maybe I’ll see you there. I live about 10 min away from there and often go to the White-Spot (across from Colossus) for dinner. Who knows?

    Phew, is it ever getting hot out!

  3. My brother is going to buy me/us barbeque today. I’ve decided to go with chicken instead of lamb this time.


    And yes…this is my blog address! 🙂

  4. I still don’t have the desire to turn mine [BBQ] on. 🙁

    It is still to damn hot out…

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