People Do Weird Things in the Heat

There is no doubt that the Provence of BC has been getting some “overly” nice weather lately, and people seem to do such weird things when you get two weeks of it. As I trudged off to work this morning, I noticed a SUV piled up along the side of the road just half way down a hill which is about a km long and has a bend at the top. The SUV was all most unrecognizable and showed clear signs of a high speed crash. Once I got to the top of the hill, I noticed a police car, also pile up along the side of road, only it was nicely wrapped around a large tree–the tree seemed unharmed. And when I made it all the way passed the bend, over the hill, and on the straight-stretch, there was another vehicle, a large black truck that seemed to be some sort of law enforcement issue: this guy was resting on its side in the ditch!

As I made my way to work and tell everyone what I had seen along the way to work, my HR manager told me what had happened that night that cause all that carnage. He said that some people had broken into the building across from us ( a cold storage warehouse), and tried to move the large ice machine through the front entrance that was used to store ice-cube. The thieves used a stolen vehicle to ram the front door in, then used it to tow out the ice machine through the front area–this was a large bay door. When they dragged the ice machine out onto the parking lot, they loaded it onto a pickup truck, from which they started their get-a-way with. The police were hot on their trail, and the thieves only made it about 6km from the industrial park: where I saw all the accidents.

I saw the ice machine, back with its rightful owner sitting in the front parking lot; however, the ice machine was badly mangled and looked like it was non-operational, probably requiring more work to fix then what it is worth. Nonetheless, I laugh every time I see it outside the office window and I think about the cost it took to get it back to the owners, and to all the parties involved in that process: two police vehicles, one get-a-way truck, one smash’n grab truck and one “used” ice machine. Don’t people have better things to do with their time?

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