Intruder Alert: Damn MS Windows Freaks!

Yes folks, I caught an intruder on my network, and I managed to follow his/her every move as my new software follow every step of the way he/she made. One of the nifty things about running a UNIX systems is the security it offers, due to homogeneous use of SM WINDOWS, everyone assumes that you are also running the same platform–NOT! I run two routers at my home, one directly connected to the Internet via cable modem, and another to the college via a dial-up modem, and they run in tandem connected directly to my friends and the world wide web. This person was doing some serious snooping around when I caught him/her inside the network. They managed to connect to my network router, getting through the firewall, and trying to sniff through the file directory. Very clever I thought to myself!

I started running a program called [ the link is fixed now 😉 ] “BRO,” as in Big Brother, designed for Network Intrusion Detection System about a week ago, and I got most of the program running smoothly on Thursday. I was sort of surprised to have my first catch so quickly. Now that I upgraded that router’s firewall, and set some traps–he he he–I think the hole is fixed. The person who was snooping, left a whole pile of their information for me to enquire further action against them with. One of the great thing about MS WINDOWS users is, they leave a distinguish finger print, and it is easy to give that information to the police if need be. SO MR., I know where you live….. he he he [Oh, and special thanks to the programmer who gave it to the script-kiddy. :)]

4 Thoughts on “Intruder Alert: Damn MS Windows Freaks!

  1. i have no clue how to do stuff like that!
    (either sniff at someone else’s network or protect my own)


  2. Well, I had to take a couple of second year computer science classes before I could fully understand what was going on too! There is a lot of information to digest; but once you got it, it is amazing what really happens inside your modem: the number of pings you receive from potential attackers. I already found one “worm” in the system, calling itself: Ab34e.exe. Notice that the hacker didn’t even bother to check to see if my network was compatible with such a file.

    At least with LINUX/UNIX systems, hackers need to do some serious homework before they can hack through a firewall. Unlike commercial products, where, you might as well draw a target on your system and say “over here hackers–I have a network for you to have!” Hackers seem likely to go for those who are “standardizes,” that is, something that they are most familiar with–MS based systems–although MACs are getting hit too I noticed.

  3. Lily, I was at your blog and noticed that all your links are broken! I tried to leave you a comment, but your main-page re-loads on every link? Weird?????

  4. Hey Thomasso!
    It’s not broken per se.
    Well, in that it was intentional.

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