From Dirty Tricks, to Little Secrets

This story is sort of an office romance gone horribly wrong, where the joker is the victim of her own stupidity, and the intended subject becomes the evil villain with a bigger stake to thrust into the backs of her colleges.

So, first the scene. Office lunchroom, only a couple of employees are sitting around enjoying their lunch and coffee, not much activity until the main character walks in with the latest gossip. “I just heard that Jessica from payroll asked Nick [boss’s son] out for lunch.” Sharron said with excitement in her voice. Of course everyone in the room looked up with curiosity. “Wow” said one of the employees, “I knew she was up to no good!” Sharron sits down, ready to spill more news when Nick walks through the door looking for someone, but never says anything–then leaves the room. Sharron leans over the table and continues. “They were suppose to be sending text messages on their cellphones all morning and Jessica was even told to start getting her Week-Ends done or there would be hell to pay.” Sharron tells all with excitement. Nick walks into the room again; though, this time he reaches for a cup of coffee and he seems like he is waiting for someone to meet him in the room.

[Five Minutes Later] I am sitting in my corner of the lunchroom eating my lunch, and Nick approaches my table and sits down at the opposite end. “Hey, what do you think about Sharron?” He asks me. I said, “What?” He looks at me with caution written all over his face, “Sharron, do you think she is hot?” “You mean to tell me that you think Sharron is hot!” I said. “Well-yes, I have being trying to work up the courage to ask her out for a while, and I have being trying to get close enough to her with out letting gossip central know about it.” I got up from my chair and grabbed my coffee cup, and said, “To Late!” and walk back to my desk.

True story–only the names have being changed to protect the innocent. I can be such a A-Hole sometimes. This is what I have to put up with every day at this place. Sheesh, no wonder everyone is going mad around there.

2 Thoughts on “From Dirty Tricks, to Little Secrets

  1. So, is she hot? :-p

  2. Well, “Hot,” as in the context that I wrote about, I would say yes. She does have her following around the place. And for me, I think she is way too artificial–to much makeup–and has a shallow personality–never talks about anything out of her comfort zone. She is a high maintenance girl who probably spends an equal amount of time getting ready for work than she does actually at work.

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