Inflation seeping into every nook and cranny

Economics for me is the price of gasoline at the local gas-pump, and the cost of doing business at my grosser, including everything from my wages to my taxes, the never ending seesaw game plays havoc with just about any long term plans and hope for the future that I can see. Today, while shopping for the weekend BBQ, I noticed a few things that took me by surprise. First, the cost meat is going up again. Normally I buy from a local butcher, and usually buy large cuts to reduce the added fees associated, but I was low on hamburger and decided to buy some fresh at the IGA here in town. The lean ground beef was expensive, more than I have ever paid for it before. Secondly, the price of imported fruits is more than usual I noticed, i.e. grapefruit are now sold individually at a cost of $0.79 per, which I never seen them sold that way that I can recall? Then there is coffee, my favourite, and last vice, now selling at $22.00 per Kg for ungrounded roasted coffee beans. On top of all this, the added cost of insurance and Bank fees, now spells out a recipe for “inflationary” cutbacks on non-essential items like movies, swimming, events; thus, causing further inflation to the economy as a whole as I give back which was given to me from the outside world. This is why I never became an economist.

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