Major Rant Here: Better Watch Out!

I have being doing homework and studying for finals now for the last two days straight, and I’m hitting the breaking point. Yup, I’m ready to snap. Why, you ask? Simple, I hate the English language. I really, really, really hate the English language. I hate the subject. I hate the way it sounds. I hate the text, the way the text corresponds into words, and most of all, I hate all the rules that go along with the text that makeup the words in the English language!

I hate the people who came up with all the ideas that created the English language. To the idiots who tried to standardize it, and gave it more rules and exception to the rules–just to confuse the shit out of me even further–I hate you even more. To the “so called experts” who I call themselves the “English Language Police,” for making our lives even more complicated than they need to be–I hate you just the same as the rule makers.

But, most of all, I hate the idea that this is the most common language on the planet Earth for the communication of technology, ideas and art.  With English as a my native, and only language that I know of to communicating with, I hate myself for not choosing another language without so many dumb rules in it.

To English, I give you the middle finger salute: there!

When I’m done with these “E-n-g-l-i-s-h” courses, I will never take another English course again for the rest of my life.

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