And Yet Another Annoyance in Utopia

I consider where I live “the utopia of the lower Mainland” (the Southwest corner of British Columbia) called Fort Langley. Here, we have a quiet little village that is nestled in the mids of a ever growing suburb that almost surrounds us, and seems to be the ideal place to live while working South of the Fraser river in a 45 km area. We have huge beautiful trees that date back 250 years, planted by some of the first settlers; and natural trees that could be 5 times older, towering over the sides of roads, and rooted along hedge-rows in our backyards. There is a cost to beauty living in among Utopia. The tiny little aphid, who also appreciates the beauty that a tree offers, has somehow proliferated into a population boom this year, that seems to rival any other aphid infestation in memory. My vehicle is just covered in the sappy, sticky, gooowy droppings left by these little green beasts from the canopy. The Township was supposed to bring in an army of ladybugs, the arch rival to the aphid, but there seems to be no clear sign of retreat yet. I am starting to wonder at what cost should we expose our tree to the soup and water treatment, the alternative to the killer ladybugs, and if we should just deal with the daily cleaning, and alternate parking until aphids leave? Another day in Utopia.

Oh–see, I made it through the exams on Tuesday. I should know how well I did by next week. I hope I passed and never have to take another English course again! *fingers crossed*

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