When Jokes Do Not Make You Laugh

Ever had one of those days when no matter how hard someone tries to bend your ear to tell you the latest joke, and it just ain’t that funny, and you try and run, but they keep on telling–over and over and over? The water cooler is ground zero for these types of situations, and normally I try to avoid them. However, today was the unexpected encounter with “Goose Neck,” (our pet name and an inside joke,) who found that if she had the funniest joke of the day, that would make her special , and could possibly (somehow) earn her some sort of Miss Congeniality award, or something like that? Her joke was sad, and I tried really hard not to kill her good mode; however, there comes a point when you must put your foot down and squish the beast before its does more damage! As she started the joke, I stopped her. I said that I heard the joke before, and I found it not that funny. She was crushed. I was sadden by this, but nonetheless, I was saved speared another day to tell about.

Here is the joke:

A man buys a parrot from a pet shop. The pet shop owner tells the man that the parrot was owned by a family, and there is no warranty for how many words you can teach it. So the man pays for the parrot and happily takes it home.

For days the man tried to teach the parrot some words, but the parrot would say nothing. Finally, the man tried a new tactic, and scares the bird into to talking. The parrot starts swearing at the man over and over and over. No matter how hard the man tries to shut the parrot up, the bird gets louder and louder and louder.

Latter that day, the man’s mother shows up for a visit–she wants to see the bird. When she approaches the cage, the parrot sees her and starts swearing at her. She leaves cursing to her son saying “that is the most despicable thing you could do to an animal–making it swear like that.”

The man was so upset at the parrot, that he grabbed the bird from its cage and decided that he could scare it again to be quiet. This time he went to the icebox, and placed the parrot inside it. He closed the door waiting for the bird to stop. As soon as he closed the door, the parrot stopped talking. The man was puzzled. He thought to himself that there was plenty of air and the bird could survive for a least five minutes before catching a cold. He opened the door slowly, and saw the bird standing there–not a peep out of its beak. He picked it up and started walking back to the cage. Then the parrot started apologizing. The man was shocked. Then the parrot said: “So, what did the chicken do?”

Sorry for the bad joke. Now you know what I went through today…

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