Taking the Hike: Fort to Fort Trail

I went for a hike this morning, and It was great. I decided to hit-the-trail because I heard a rumour about the housing expansion across the tracks from me, that they had move the trail and added new improvements further on down it, about 3 km from the starting point. I got the runners on and headed out. The Fort to Fort Trail is about 6km long that starts from Glover Rd. in Fort Langley, then goes along the Fraser River (Bedford Canal) to the site of the original Fort in Derby Reach.

The trail is definitely a great place for summer leisure, but not if you want a good run: I mean I passed more people on it then walking down the sidewalk of the main street. If you are one for socialization with the back drop of nature, than this is the place for you.

After completing the round trip, I was happy. I live close enough to the trail that I can walk it directly from my house, so the round trip was about 1:15hr

including the small chats along the way. I got home just as the sun was heating up the day, so I recommend hiking it either during the evenings or early mornings because of the heat. Either way, bring lots of water with you!

*NOTE: I have an example of a program that uses POVRay graphics that converts numbers into ISO shapes. Very nice for creating sphere like shapes.

2 Thoughts on “Taking the Hike: Fort to Fort Trail

  1. Hey you! Thanks for the email the other day… And the comment!

    I’m almost back — Placeholder theme in place until such time that I can dedicate more time to it!

    Hope all is well with you! You should talk to Michael about modelling — That’s what he does for a living! 🙂

  2. Tanya: I sent you an email last night regarding a possible visit, let me know what your schedules look like for the next couple weeks?

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