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I was enlightened this week by two events, each having some significance over the other, that got me thinking about myself and those around me. The first event was the news of my next door neighbour, who before last week I hardly knew, had a near hart attack that put her in the hospital for several days. The second event was meeting the most unusual person that, may in fact changed my perception of post secondary education for the best.

Event #1

When you hear of a person who has faced the threshold of death, and lives to tell about it, it does nothing but conjure up questions of my own existence. When someone who is a little older than you, tells the tail of what it was like to face the “big One,” you cannot help but think about what your life would be like if such an even were to occur? After all, death is a scary topic, and one that most of us don’t really like to talk about, let alone want to prepare for. I thought about my health, the every day stress that abounds my daily activities, and then I wondered if I’m heading down the “one way” highway of the grim reaper? But after talking to my neighbour, who is still quite ill from her ordeal, she made me realize that it is not the approaching death that I should be worried about, it is the time between now and then that should be counted. Live in the now and shoot for the future, what lays beyond is for someone else to write about.


As September approaches, this means that school, classes and chaos will return. At my work, I meet many very interesting people who lead very interesting lives, and enjoy sharing their thoughts in the lunchroom. One such person, shares many of the same lifestyles issues as I do because she also goes to University, and is very close to the same level as far as “time served” goes. It is such a pleasure to talk shop with someone who is at the top of their game. She is a Political Science major at UBC, while I’m a Criminologist major: both of us are starting our third year.

No! We are not compatible, as I’m almost twice her age–and none of us have time anyway.

However, it is so nice to engage in a high level academic conversation, and philosophize on ideas that are new and fresh–especially outside the classroom! I will miss that once classes begin and we leave our jobs. *sigh* Perhaps we will meet again and do battle in the philosophical arena?

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