Time: The Age Old Question

One caveat that no one has control over, yet everyone seems to want to control, is time. We plan it in our day-planners. We plan it when we think of schemes that will earn us money. Heck, we even applied a dollar value to the concept of time; something that we are not sure even exists at the same rate throughout the universe! Time rules our very existence–so we claim. But what if you threw that thinking out the window?

What would you say if I threw out all my watches, clocks and eliminated daylight-savings-time from my calendar? What would you say if I did not worry about how long it would take to complete a job, or whether or not that job would even be finished–I had better things to do? Even if the day turned into night, and the night turned into day, would it not matter because time no longer had any meaning? It would boil down to, “who cares.”

I say adios to time. I say we should all adopt a laissez faire approach to time. Let time not govern our lives, but our lives govern it! Punish those who denigrate anyone who ops out of punching a time clock for a flat-rate system of doing business.

Oh, sure, I would be foolish not to believe that time does not exist. I believe we need to rethink this concept, and start a revolution: calling it “taking back our time.”

2 Thoughts on “Time: The Age Old Question

  1. Well Tommy boy I thought about what you said with the whole who cares about time thing and I thought i would give it a whirl. So last night I didnt set my alarm ..I slept in showed up late for work, took 5 hours to unload a 30 minute can, and took a 2 hour lunch and a 30 minute nap in the middle of my day. End result .. I got fired .. hmm maybe I should rethink this whole time thing too.
    Oh and im jokin about the whole gettin fired thing .

    By the way Tom that was me honking at you in fort langley today. I recognized you by your infamous blue pickup and of course . the stache! BY the way tom .. i know i could only see you from the shoulders and up but it looked like your losing wheight. and you got a tan. So far it seems , everyone who has since left the big box, their physical health has improved 10 fold. anyways take it easy

  2. he he… Now that I have a life, things improved drastically–you should try it.

    Yes, I saw you–I was coming back from the Fort Langley Air Port. The tan is from enjoying the sun, and a good summer.

    Oh, the truck is bought and paid for Danny. 😉

    Lastly, the time thing “who Cares,” only aplies for salaried paid people, not hourly wage earners, sorry for any confusion about the time thing. He he he he ha ha ha!

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