A Morning in Hell

3:42am Tom is awaken by the sounds of two cats fighting/making out, and opens windows to see if he can throw something at them to make them go away–silence.

4:06am Tom can’t get back to sleep. Decides to get up and get a drink of water, then back to bed, hoping for a good nights sleep.

4:20am It starts to rain harder, and the noise makes sleep near impossible. He is becoming pissed off about the rain.

4:22am Cats start fighting again. Tom wishes he had a Dog.

4:38am Fire Engines’ sirens scream passed the main road followed by an ambulance and two other emergency vehicles.

4:42am Next door neighbour is leaving for his work. He leaves his car running for 15min while he walks back and forth, slamming his house door each trip, before finally leaving in his car.

4:55am Tom does a reality check. Pules rate is very high, and sleep is now out of the equation.

4:58am Cats are at it again. This time Tom gets up and does a surprise attack by opening the back door and throwing a shoe at one of them on the lawn. Cat runs off.

5:12am Rain stops.

5:13am Another emergency vehicle drives by with sirens going.

5:20am News paper guy hits the front door with paper–loud thump. Train goes by, while blowing his whistle for 2 mins straight. Tom wishes he a 100mm canon to aim at the train, and news paper guy.

5:21am Sleep is now impossible.

6:04am Power goes out. Then goes out again. Nope…power does out for good. Tom is now pissed because coffee machine won’t work!

6:15am Power still out. Desperate need of coffee.

6:25am Power still out. Getting dressed and shaved. Ran out of shaving cream–day turning into HELL.

6:45am Power still out. Tom notices that everyone else has power? What’s going on?????

6:57am Power still out. Tom finds out that he blew a breaker-switch.

6:57am Power is now on. Tom is mildly happy.

7:12am Coffee is finished. Coffee tastes like crap because he forgot buy sugar from the last shopping trip. Tom is cranky again!

7:32am Tom starts truck. Truck won’t start. Tom gets mad. Tom is tired and cranky. Truck still won’t start. Tom is frustrated. Tom wants to kill truck. Tom gets bigger hammer. Bigger hammer doesn’t work.

7:40am Tom goes back inside to drink another cup of sugarless coffee. Then Tom remembers that fuel-line was shut-off because he was working the fuel injectors from the night before. Tom slaps forehead in dismay–feeling like an idiot.

8:01am Truck starts finally.

8:20am Tom heads off to work. Tom just makes it in on time with seconds to spare.

8:30am Tom clocks in at work.

Yes, the day did get worse. That is another blog entry. Oh, and I never got the cat–he escaped.

4 Thoughts on “A Morning in Hell

  1. I lost my internet for the day…

    But we had pizza and chocolate souffle!

  2. Bad day? Go check out my post here.

  3. Lily: That would be tragic too!

    Roger: There is always some, somewhere, having a worse day then I. That is quite the post you made! Those pilots are so lucky they are alive. Yikes!

  4. Yack! That’s a horrible day! If the power had stayed out, I would have resorted to starting a campfire in my livingroom to make much-needed coffee. At that point, I wouldn’t have cared too much that I don’t actually have a fireplace.

    Sorry about your bad day — Hopefully it got better eventually!!

    [damn cats]

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