According to My Poll…

Very interesting that most of you, the seven people that voted, figure that sex is an integral part of a pair-bond relationship. According to the group of people whom I work with, consisting mostly of women, say that being together is the single most important aspect of any relationship, placing sex as an ancillary benefit.

Is sexual intercourse a critical part of an relationship?

  • Absolutely! No sex, no relationship.: 0% (0)
  • Yes, sex does play a strong role.: 71% (5)
  • Sure, but being together is more important.: 29% (2)
  • You don’t need sex to be a couple.: 0% (0)

Total Votes : 7

Funny though, when you really think about what the primary duty of a couple is, the justification of sex as an important element becomes clear to me. We all can live quite happily by ourselves, yet if we were continue on as a species then mating becomes our prime-directive. So, why haven’t any of you placed sex as the ultimate reason why you would want to form a pair-bond?

3 Thoughts on “According to My Poll…

  1. Oh, Yeah… I guess having a relationship first should be taken into consideration?..?…,?

    But then again, you could always put down what you think is the wright answer…. he,he,he.. 😀

  2. Well I did that…but people mightn’t think it *valid* 🙂

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