The Golden Days of September

Awh, the golden days of September are upon us… Oh, you are asking why I’m calling the beginning days of September the “golden days”? Well, have a quick look at the photo in this post, then think for a moment as to what could be so golden about September other than a reference to age, or the end of the month?

The dead lawn from a killer dry summer.

Now, once you have looked at the photo carefully, you will see the golden colours of the grass amongst the few green survivors. And let me say this: I did my part for the water reserves in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver! This is a multi-pronged benefit for me.

  • I never needed to take the time to water it.
  • No one would ever dare complain about it–especially the By-Law Officer.
  • Golden is not such a bad colour.
  • I can boast about water conservation!
  • I now have a low maintenance yard!

Damn I feel good about myself right now! I hope it stays like this for the next month–right up until October!

3 Thoughts on “The Golden Days of September

  1. lost your e-mail address.hope you read this.your little sis.

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!! Is it really you? You’re connected! Woo-Hoo: way to go little sis–I’ll send you a email ASAP!

  3. Thom, it’s great to see you doing your part.

    (and I thought I was lazy) 😉

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