Ahh, the Week in General

It was a fast passed week work wise. With classes started and the onset of shorter days and cooler temperatures, work is about the only constant I have right now. Change is good, as someone once told me, but when it goes beyond your comfort zone, it can be an uneasy feeling. However, from the last seven days, I did learn a thing or two about myself and life in general: religion and work don’t mix. Other than the differing views of creation versus Darwinism, the time spent at work was, well, not that exciting. My youngest sister and her family are now part of the “connected” social demographics, having just being hooked up via ADSL last week. I received her first email just the other day—I am so happy that we can email instead of phoning. The thought of living up in Prince Rupert without any connection to the World Wide Web would send me into tears. Rupert is not that great of a place in my opinion: it rains there a lot! Anyway, I figured I should at least throw up a post, however short and uneventful it maybe, just to let everyone know I’m still alive. Happy weekend everyone!

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