You Steal from One, You Steal from All

Larceny: is the theft of personal property, without any right or regards to the owner, defrauding him or her of their goods. This act of stealing one’s personal property is punishable based on the monetary value of the item(s) in the state at which it was during the crime.

In our tight-nit community of Fort Langley, I live in a neighbourhood that seems diversified on the outside, but is quite organized from within. Our problem is one of trust and convenience. We are very lucky to have a propane filling station, located centrally, in which we can have our BBQ’s filled when they run out without the pain and hassle of driving into to Langley City for a fill. Everyone can enjoy the convenience of leaving their propane tank at the filling station, and returning later to pick them up at whatever time is good. For most residence, the location is so handy, that, nearly everyone that uses it can transport their propane tank by walking it to the filling station with a dolly/cart: how’s that for a deal!

However, this little slice of utopia is threaten by a sinister unrelenting person(s) who has, on a number of occasions, committed larceny by randomly taking the freshly filled propane tanks from the filling station. Although the cost of replacement and the service is not enough to tip anyone into bankruptcy, the inconvenience and cost are enough to hurt anyone at whatever wage bracket they are at: loosing something in this manner sucks! No one, including the owner, wants to shut the facility down, yet to change the way the operation is run would change the way this very convenient service is done. Without setting up surveillance cameras and electronic devices, the neighbourhood has started to take a proactive stance against the future larcenists. Eyes are watching you…

5 Thoughts on “You Steal from One, You Steal from All

  1. Where ’bouts in Fort do you live?
    The gf and I are talking about co-habitating and I’ve lived in Fort before (272nd actually) but really liked it there.
    Really thinking of a move there at some point in the future before it all becomes urban sprawl (which will likely happen before I can grab my own little chunk of utopia).

  2. Yikes, 272 is more toward the Aldergrove / Abbotsford area. I live right downtown, one block West of Glover Road just before the railway tracks. Less than 2 min from the I.G.A., on foot. 🙂 The only piss-off about living here that I can think of is the ferry traffic every 15 min: but is only lasts for 5 min or so?

    If you want to move here, I would suggest you move on it fast, because real estate is going through the roof right now. Heck, a townhouse just sold for $198,000.00, and it needed lots of repairs. Homes are climbing fast because of the new development all over the place.

    Even the job market is hurting because of a labour shortage—mind you for $10.00 per/hour jobs…

  3. Ah ha! I have to read Tom’s blog to get the news… Although you guys have been sorta talking for a while now.

    Tom, I’m sorry to hear about that messy business of grand-theft-propane-tank. That sucks. Have you guys thought of painting each tank a different colour?

  4. Tanya, the very first propane tank taken was so unique in its colour that we thought for sure we would spot it one day. Well, we are still waiting to see it… It was black with two yellow stripes down the sides. No, people would steel almost anything for profit or personal use–I’m sure it was used for some type of illegal activity?

    People do put their names and lot numbers on them too. The tanks probably get repainted in the process, then used. Ummm, probably getting refilled as we speak? ***YIKES!!!!*** :O

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