An Ode to a Season

Bon Voage summer! Soon the fall will be upon us (at the time of writing), and all that was hot and dry will be gone. In just a couple of hours, at 9:02 pm savings time tonight, summer will end and fall will start, as the autumnal equinox divides the day and night exactly in half. It is weird that it did not happen on the 21st, but as clocks and mathematics have their way, nothing is exactly the same anyways. To celebrate it, I will watch the Sun set, and say goodbye to 12 hours of day and welcome 12 hours of night. Perhaps our good fortunes will stay with us and we can rob the autumn season of just a few more days of summer!

5 Thoughts on “An Ode to a Season

  1. you could’ve told me about motherboards with alarms *before* i bought one

    /me sobs


  2. Uhhmmmmm, I thought it was common knowledge?


  3. Lily doesn’t know everything :-p

  4. Of course you don’t–no one does! Don’t believe everything your sisters tell you, because you can be wrong, but still be right too, you know? Research is the key to the whole cosmic thing. I to need to learn form my peers. With tech growing at a fast rate, I’m surprised that I kept up a long I as I have?

  5. Well, I think with some effort and diligence and interest, anybody should be able to keep up…:)

    At least, I hope so…

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