Are You Secured Via Your Network?

I just went through the biggest up-grade in resent Thomasso history: I added more security! As we are always bomb-barded with hackers, scrip-kiddies, viruses, etc…, even those of us who don’t run Micro$oft need to keep a vigilant eye open. What is sad, however, is the amount of security I need now that I’m running a network from my home to my work, so now I have to deal with the threat of anyone, (especially fellow employees), hacking in. This threat has being around for quite some time, and it would figure that it would be the disgruntled employee who would go out and do such a thing. Although I’m running a UNIX platform at my home, my work is stuck with Micro$oft, something that is so insecure, even my niece could hack her way into the network there. Already I have notice that some of my share files have being corrupted, i.e., missing data, fonts changed, etc… I started writing my super sensitive documents with a UNIX Shell program, then put inside encrypted archive files, then emailed directly to my web-mail. At least my information is protected. The shitty part in all of this is, people paid money for this $tuff.

2 Thoughts on “Are You Secured Via Your Network?

  1. oooo
    i can’t secure things
    oh well

  2. Hummmmmmm, nor can I??????

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