That Pleasantville Feeling

This morning I really wanted to sleep-in and not worry about any work related stuff. I was not over tired or feeling ill, or anything like that, I was just fed up with the inconsistencies of the general every day bits of life. I got up and went off to work, and the regular events of the day slowly unfolded: as they usually do.

On my way to work I reached the intersection of Hell, 264th street, and 54th Avenue in Aldergrove, just before the 264th on-ramp onto highway #1. There, the daily circus of drivers breaking every rule in the book takes place. Vehicles are swerving in all directions, some speeding, some never using their signal-lights to change lanes, some stopping in the middle of the road for no apparent reason, yet during this dancing of headlights in chaotic space no one ever crashes into each other: or so it seems? Once I passed the hellish crossfire of darting cars that zip to and fro around me, I arrive at the parking-lot of my work–nothing that impressive as I’m unusually the first one there.

I wait for the manager to open the door while I sit in my vehicle listening to CBC Radio, catching the local and national news programs. Once inside the building I scan in and then grab my paperwork for the day’s events schedule–so much fun. This schedule, or “list of to-do’s” is the “make” or “break” of how the day will shape up. If it’s a good day, then it will go by quickly and steady; If not a good day, then eight hours will seem like an eternity.

Once the day’s work is completed, I then battle the intersection of Hell again–though this time in the opposite direction–double the fun. Once home, I begin to prepare myself for homework. As they say, “Idle hands are the Devil’s hands…,” so getting the homework takes priority for me. My classes are my ticket to a prosperous and desirable life, as the more educated you are the more likely you are of earning a greater wage and obtaining a better career.

Now, I am connecting to the motion picture called “Pleasantville: 1998.” My world is not black and white, but sometimes I sure wish it were…

2 Thoughts on “That Pleasantville Feeling

  1. I love the movie Pleasantville.

    And that is all I need to say at this moment! 🙂

  2. So do I. That’s why I write about it so much! 😀

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