Halloween: T-10 days

I’m back! Yes, it was a very busy week for me–and for others too. I had some midterms to take care of, plus a (12 page) paper the was due last Thursday, so as of now I am all caught up now. I feel great.

I can’t wait till Halloween: less than 10 days from now! It looks like most of us from my work are going to be doing the costume thing; I may be the Grim-Reaper this year. I always liked the idea that on one day, out of the year, everyone can put on a mask and pretend to be someone or something their are not–although I have not yet figured how to dress-up as a billionaire?

The autumn brilliance of colours on the trees has kick into full speed this week–everywhere the leaves are-a-changing. I was getting worried that we were going to go from summer, right into winter, without any autumn? But now, everything seems to be back on track for the right season for the right month. This Global Warming issue really has stretched the summer season so late in the year–I wonder what is in store for winter???

10 days till Halloween!

One Thought on “Halloween: T-10 days

  1. I don’t do halloween but…

    I did install the Firefox halloween theme.
    It’s…I can’t quite describe it…

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