Ice, Liquid and Steam

From 50cm of snow to pluming failures, the last 72 hours have being a roller coaster ride. My friends, Dave and Shanna, just moved up to the Bulkley Valley in the North Central Interior of British Columbia, where they bought a house to live and start their business from. They now live just outside of Smithers BC, where Dave does networking security and systems engineering for various companies who operate in remote areas. Freshly graduated from Kwantlen College University in Computer Science, a four year degree, he is being hotly sought after by many industries for his skills–but not for shoveling snow. Yes, the big news is, he reported to me last night that just as they arrived to their new home, they received a 50cm dump of snow and a power outage that lasted all night and is still on-going: nearly 48 hours now. I laughed. I was just moping up from a another pluming disaster from when I broke the bathroom faucet and it exploded, shooting water in all directions. I used to live up in Smithers back in the mid 70’s as a young boy; and also, I remember how cold it can get and what the snow can be like during a major snowstorm. I was telling him my stories, as I was moping, of how it could go as low as -30C one night, and rain the next day at 5C. I said to him that October snow is rare, but a major dump of snow is a once in a 25 year event: enjoy it while you can! I think he hung-up on me? Oh well, now I need to worry about a possible mold out-break from all the water soaked floorboards in the bathroom.

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