Pumpkins, Reapers and Tricks

Yeah! Halloween is here–at last! Tonight is the night for the little bastards to go from house to house, asking for treats, or giving out tricks. I was a little dishearten when I heard that a young trick-r-treater was robbed of her candy by a bully just a few minutes ago. This sort of thing makes me mad to hear. It is these people who will kill the community spirit and make a good thing turn bad. I bet these are same people who had stolen presents from people’s cars during the season holidays last year? Geesh!

Anyway, I’m not going to let a little bunch of farts ruin it for me–I’m heading out for a Halloween party. I’m going as the Grim Reaper. Who knows, I might meet some cool people and have a great time? Last year was sort of a dud for me as I spent it staying home–I think I had a cold then–not sure? But, I’m going to have fun. Talk to you guys later!

Happy Halloween!

6 Thoughts on “Pumpkins, Reapers and Tricks

  1. Sorrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy. 🙁

  2. aw man no image :-p

  3. I was so busy… there was not time to get the camera, or even take any photos with it. Missed opp. I guess.

  4. excuses excuses excuses!

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