Working in Open Source: Bug1174H23

Another hurtle was stepped over in the free world of Open Source–the Adobe Flash bug in Fedora-Core 5 and 6 (FC5, FC6) was fixed. I was getting a little peaved when, for the last 3 weeks, I could not get any flash-plugins to work on my machine–FC5 in any browser, including FireFox.

First I skewered, (literally too I might add), the net looking for the answer: That was a dud! At first I thought it was a bug, as I found out latter at this assumption was correct, and then I looked at some of the known fixes out there, such as the YUM Repositories where automatic install can be done with little or no hassles. The Flash plugin had a font / scrip problem where it would not, or could not read some of the various fonts that it uses. Adding to this, the font problem seems to have invited a unexpected security breach, thus causing it not to work at all in FC5.
After following some of the FAQs and fixes, I then gave up, and searched for another way to fix the problem. Then after some sole searching and reading about this problem, I then went to my favorite repository for RPM files, typed in “Flash-Plugin” and presto! The Flash Plugin worked right from the start–the power of the RPM file stood its grown again.

This raises some issues about repositories for open source systems, and how people are suppose to get right to the heart of the matter without spending too much time downloading, then ending up with 50 files installed?

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