After the Storm

I have power at my place! After 15 hours 23.5 hours of darkness [with out no electricity] and a night of blowing wind and rain, I am glad it is all over–for now. Yesterday the storm took out our power here around 10:30am, the wind hit gusts of 100KM/hr and left over 100mm of rain in its wake. It was a rough night, and I am sure glad I can hit the shower and possibly get a good night’s sleep tonight. A lot has happened during the last 24 hours, so I’ll up date this post once I get more time to sit down and do a proper account of how much damage I have around my place. So far it just looks like I have a bunch of garbage blown around, but I am sure I will find things missing or broken. I have probably over a couple hundred Kgs of branches on my roof, so I think that is the priority clean-up

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