No Coffee, Bad Water!!!!

We had a “Water Advisory” today, 24 hours after the storm; you either boil your water for one minute before drinking it, or buy bottled water. Stupid me thought I would fore-go the morning coffee machine ritual and take my trusty old thermos with me to work instead, filling it up at the near by Coffee Shop before starting work. WRONG! I forgot that the entire Fraser Valley (Greater Vancouver Regional District) was under the advisory, thus including the Coffee Shop. So it was a morning of coffee withdrawal. To add injury to insult, the CBC News said that running the water through a coffee machine was perfectly acceptable–now they tell me…sheesh.

I still have friends in the Furn-Ridge area of South Langley Township who are still without electricity. For them, it has being 36 hours without, and the roads there are still littered with fallen trees over power-lines. According to the Langley Times, this storm was a whopper!

Environment Canada is saying that we are getting another storm, moving in by Sunday, that will not be as large as the last one, but it will add to the rain fall amounts that are breaking records this year. I hope the power stays on because it sure sucks not having cable and Internet.

3 Thoughts on “No Coffee, Bad Water!!!!

  1. Yikes!!!
    I can’t manage going without water.


  2. They lifted the advisory–we can drink the water now. Phew: I can enjoy my coffee once again. 🙂

    Now there is another storm comming in. They say not as bad though…

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