Oh How Nice: Snow

Well, as I speak, the first few snow-flakes are coming down in front of my bedroom window. I just checked the “Environment Canada” website, and low-and-behold there’s a snow fall warning in effect for tonight. Yup, we are going to get our first snow dump of the year; a whopping 10cm of the white stuff will fall just before we go into a arctic out-flow weather pattern for the next few days. This means that what ever happens as far as precipitation goes e.g., rain or snow, it will stay on the roads for as long as the temperature remains below freezing. Driving will be so much fun!

If the weather people’s forecast is correct (as they are 80 percent of the time) then I’ll snap some photos tomorrow morning. So, for now, I hope the power stays on: its getting frick’n cold out!

2 Thoughts on “Oh How Nice: Snow

  1. Well, where are those pics?
    I was going to take some today of the accumulation but… well…. I’m lazy.

  2. Sure, I have them, I’m waiting for the power to stop popping on and off all the time so I can turn on my home PC. I’m using the PDA for this….

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