Another Snow Day!

Today is another day that I can honestly say: “Hell hath frozen over.” It was a nightmare yesterday when I went to my classes in Surrey Campus at Kwantlen University College. They ended the classes an hour early due to the continuation of snow, just as another storm sweeps through dumping 20cm of new snow on everything.

This morning, I was debating whether I should even go to work, but I made the choice to leave. I should of turned back when it took me three tries to get out of the driveway… I should of turned back when I could not get up the hill on 264th street… I should of turned back just before I went sailing into the ditch on River Road…. Yes.


UPDATE 12:23am: I got a tow-truck to pull me out! He came, picked me up from my place, drove to my poor stuck truck, and yanked it out of the ditch in 30sec., costing me $50.00 for his effort. I was lucky that I called right away, becuase I was the first tow on his list, and his list had already grown by 10 calls before he left. Durring the time that he picked me up and pulled my truck out of the ditch, he had six people phoning him on his cell-phone asking if they could get their vehicles un-stuck from the snowy conditions. [I should get into the tow-truck biz…]

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