Will We See Green Again?

Our snow bounty still covers every lawn, roof and street, yet where foots paths or covered areas exist, the hint of solid grown can be seen. It is warmer now than it was three days ago. Things appear to be back to normal, although it is hard to define normal after a week of hard-core wintry weather. And since nature has given us just about every seasonal weather extreme she has to throw at us, the fog now seems to be the issue of the day. For a moment, I thought we were to be succumbed by the ice storm of the century, but thankfully that has not yet appeared; however, the thick blanket of fog that sits outside, is adding a new dimension of fun and hardship to the existing conditions. Perhaps the sun will burn it off?

This week has cost me a lot. Money wise, the towing bill, the two days loss of work and the heating bill: all will add to a unbalance budget for this month-end. The physical stress of dealing with driving on these roads has caused me to forgo most of the usual routines, and I chose to stay home more often. So, I have many things that were planed, but are now either postponed, or canceled altogether.

The one sure thing that can almost be guaranteed to continue is the crime rate. I noticed that one of the homes that is up for sale in my neighborhood was (burgled) broken into; the foot prints leading up to the opened window gave that away. The police have since being there to investigate. I noticed that snow shovels and other snow removal equipment seem to disappear from friend’s and neighbor’s yards and sheds. My snow shovel, from years ago, can’t be found? Although I can’t say for certain, it may be buried under the snow, or stolen from its proper place behind my home?

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