A Little Bit of Normality

I have 72 hours to go before I start writing exams. So today, I wrapped up work and concentrated on getting ready for tomorrow’s study-time. What’s the big deal you ask: other than its exam time? The one big course that hinges on me rapping up my 2 year undergraduate degree ends on Wednesday. Although I have completed 27 courses, this English Literature class is technically the twentieth course out of forty in my degree program. I’m biting my nails on this one because I picked the (according to my fellow co-students) hard-ass prof out of the five on campus–by mistake.

My side job: It appears that my administrator is not to keen on using some of my suggestions regarding applying for government grants, public commissions and private sponsors. The volunteer work that I do, and love it, falls to close to advocacy work in the Justice System, and therefore brushes up against professionals whom fined our work redundant. Rehabilitation for convicted criminals is a “hush-hush” concept right now, and even more worse with the youth who fall under the YCJA (Youth Criminal Justice Act) which is part of our criminal code in Canada. So, I may leave that post and go elsewhere.

As I look back in my notes from Psychology 101, (so many months ago), we were to discuss the following topic. So I will leave you with this little question to ponder while you go off and surf the net: Is it better to live as a conscious slave, or a happy slave?

2 Thoughts on “A Little Bit of Normality

  1. I hate exams. Good luck!

  2. My brain hurts…..

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