No More Pineapple Express

I’ve had it! This is getting ridiculous! I know I can’t do much about the weather; but please, these wind storms are getting out of hand. Today, I went home to another power-outage, about 6 hours long–well it was out before I got home. This sucks. No more. This is the fourth power-outage we’ve had now in less than three weeks. This is costing money now. First, I threw all my meat and dairy out of the fridge from the first outage. Now, I may need to do the same thing again as I don’t trust my fridge/freezer. Second, setting all my electronics equipment is getting tiresome–now I just leave my microwave flashing 12:00. Third, cleaning up all the branches from the pine tree next-door is now a daily event. Who knows if my roof leaks from the battering I’m getting from falling branches? Finally, missing work due to outages is costing me the most–on my payroll! I’ve lost four days now: all due to snow, right up wind storms. Sure, its nice to have the “bonus” time off, but its getting too much now. I want to have some money for the Holiday season. Oh well….

[Pineapple Express] are the intense low pleasure systems, storms, that move up from the Philippines, over the Island of Hawaii and hit the West coast of British Columbia. Very nasty weather systems!

2 Thoughts on “No More Pineapple Express

  1. Hey, do you want a country setting or a concrete jungle?
    There are virtually zero power outages in the downtown core during these storms, you know.

  2. Well….. by the time these weather system are finished with us, that’s all there is going left standing: concrete!

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