The Lost Room: A TV Mini Series

Since Monday, I had watched a really good three part mini series called “The Lost Room.” The story is based on a hotel room that has somehow been created from a alternate reality, and for some unknown reason, all the objects that were in the room, May 4, 1961, at 1:20:27pm, became changed, and now wheeled un-natural powers that can change and manipulate the world around them. It was a very well done movie, one that I will want to see again. The main character, a police detective, ends up with the “Hotel Room Key,” the object that seems to have the most power, then must try to save his daughter who is lost in the room. The Key, for room 10 (that does not exist), once placed into a lock of any door-handle, will open it, and you step right into the hotel room, then close it, and think about where you want to go–and open the door to enter the new destination. I highly recommend finding it in your TV guide and then watching it.

4 Thoughts on “The Lost Room: A TV Mini Series

  1. I didn’t watch it and I heard they were rerunning it this weekend but I didn’t know when so I missed it!

  2. Awh man…… It is a great movie—you gotta get it! I was at the Sci-Fi .com site, on the forum, and everyone wants it turned into a TV seriese. Hey, if you can, download it using bittorrent—it is worth it!

  3. I watched that show, it was great! Does anyone know if they are going to create more or was it just those 3 episodes?….they leave it off as though there might be more.

  4. Hi Chris,

    First, sorry it took so long to reply to your comment, it sort of gotten buried from all the other posts–and this post is hitting the cut-off date soon.

    But, yes, I believe that they are going to turn this into a TV series judging by the some of discussion groups I am looking at. This show has generated a lot of viewers who want more. This is such a refreshing story-line that I actually took a day off from work to catch the repeat because I missed the 2nd part.

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