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Today I was out hardware shopping for computer gear all day. It was an ordinary day trip out to Richmond, Vancouver and Burnaby (BC, Canada) for the pilgrimage of shopping deals. Nothing like spending a lot money on stuff that will be obsolete before you it home–like buying a car: once you leave the lot, it losses its value by 30 percent. Though, I think, I have some very good deals, however much gas and time I invested driving all over the Lower Mainland to get them? I got an 19 inch, LCD wide Monitor for under $200.00 in Richmond. It was a in-store special that was marked-down after we got there. My friend, he got a Lap-Top for a good deal, less than $800.00 for an ASUSE, (3.4 GHz) 19inch with lots of features–he’s happy. Then it was off for other things to buy… Spent lots of money: on ourselves.

Nothing like buying brand new stuff for the office I tell you. The monitor looks really good here. It is amazing how far LCD technology has come with these flat screens. I remember when Cathode Ray Tub monitors were supposedly here to stay with us for the next century–and the only place we would ever see them, in our life time, would be on Star trek. My has science fiction become science fact? Even the power of the CPU has become a beast to be reckon with–Quad-Core 5 GHz chips on the horizon–wow????

[added Dec. 17]Information on Intel’s and AMD’s Quad Core Chips: [AMD] and [Intel]. Expected release date is early 2007 by both AMD and Intel.

Well, I must put my new toys to rest well I get some sleep. Its hard to sleep when you want to keep on playing with them? Like my friend says: “The only difference between men and boys, is the size, the shape, and the cost of their toys.”

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  1. I’m actually surprised that CPUs haven’t evolved for a couple of years. I bought my 3.2 GHz Toshiba laptop in the spring of 2004 and there really hasn’t been anything much faster than that to date.

    How long until the quad core 5GHz chips come to market?

  2. Both AMD and Intel will have their Quad-chips released very soon: Feb., Mar., of next year. I added more information to the post with links. 😉

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