Some Time Off: Bad Truck

Nothing like giving the old PC a good morning workout when I’m stuck at home not working. I thought I would spend my unexpected day off doing cleanup and fixing around the house, then figure out where I’m going to move stuff: I need more space damn it! Well, anyway, I got on the computer, and, well, you know, started playing around–and before you know it… three hours passed by.

My 15 min POV-RAY ART, Like IT?

So this is what I did, while I’m waiting for my parts for the truck to show up. Yes, some good’O POV-RAY Art! Why Not… I was in the season mood. I thought to myself, this will probably be the only time before Hell is finished, (December 25) that I would have to do this.

For those who care, the reason why I never showed for work today, was my Alternator died. I cannot get it to charge the battery, so I was left stranded last night with a dead truck, five blocks from my place. I thought I could run it home with just the battery alone, but it was to far gone to make the trip.

2 Thoughts on “Some Time Off: Bad Truck

  1. Aww crap! Doesn’t the crappiest things happen right before Christmas? I hope the rest of your season is going swell, though!

    Looking forward to finally meeting you on Friday!

  2. Yes, get to see the faces behind the blogs! Woo-Hoo!!!!

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