What a Day!

Wow… What a day. There are just so many things to list here that It may take some time for me to jot them all down. So I’ll do it in the order that they pop up in my head.

Will it snow, will it snow, will it snow????

First, I must say sorry to NetChick for not getting over to the Holiday Shindig that she had at her place. I feel really bad about that because everything was all set–and then…. But as bad-luck would have it, and it never fails not to show up, I got called back home while I was at the Port Mann Bridge, so I turned around. Regrettably, the crises that unfolded was a minor one, and I’m now kicking myself in the butt for leaving the phone on–pooh on the guy that invented the cell phone. Sorry Tanya, I wish I had just kept on going into Vancouver.

Second, Today is the day that I go through my employment transition. Think of it this way–I’m unemployed for the next couple of weeks. Yup-pee! A true holiday! Ooooops, did I just say that out loud?????? I know, I should sound like it is a tragedy, but…. well, I need a break.

Third, I got in touch with my youngest sister, Snoozer, (who hates that name), and they are all doing find after the storms that went through BC last week, that caused interruptions on their power, phone and Internet service. She says hi, and wanted to mention to everyone that she sent out photos of her kids to everyone on the Family News Letter list. I just got my photos last night, and her kids are growing like, “Bad Weeds,” as Dad used to say. I feel old….

There is more, just to tired to type them all out.

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