5 Thoughts on “Did Anyone Get Any Sleep?

  1. Well, a bit but I graded some assignments. I have loads more to go and exams.


  2. He he… I did nothing last night and today. I was lazy today–didn’t even shave! I just spent the whole after noon upgrading my LINUX machines–what chore that was. Oh, and I ate lots of X-mass Cake too. *burrrrrp* It was delicious… Might go out shopping, just to see if there are any deals in the store–boxing day–or rip-off day, as my friend calls it.

  3. Hmm… Sleep. No, not really.

    Hey you were missed at the party! It was a ton of fun, and I got completely smashed… Ooops. That’s what I get for starting the drinking fest at 2pm!

    Hope it was a great Christmas for you!

  4. upgrading linux

  5. Party…… Sniff Sniff.

    LINUX, yes, what a day get that all patched up. I got the FC 6, with the latest Kernel going with my “on-line” machine. What a diffrence! with the Window$$ spam, now is now the thing of the past! 🙂

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