I Ate to much Sugar

Not quite the “spew-a-ramma” that I thought it was going to be this evening, but it was pretty damn close, or will be…. I ate a little to much of the holiday goodies over the last three days, and I think I’m going to be paying for it in the next couple of days to come. I knew I should never have taken all those cookies back with me?????

So, guess what? Yup! New Years resolution #1: stop eating those treats and give my stomach a chance to catch up. I’m a sucker when it comes to chocolate. I can never say, “Stop–enough. No more please.” I just keeping on eating the stuff like a junkie at a Coke factory. Just bad…

Too much of a good time I guess. I should of paced myself? Oh, I love chocolate though…. Yummmmmmm. NO!!!!!! Stop, no more!!!! Wait till next year! Yes, I can wait till then! *grinnnnnn*

One Thought on “I Ate to much Sugar

  1. my sister bought us some really nice bars of dark chocolate lindt

    one with almonds and one with orange


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