Love Bites: as it spits bile

Ok, I know, this is probably not the place to “air” this kind of thinking–right? Well, damn it, this is after all a weblog, and weblogs are places where people hang their dirty little secrets and talk about the little things in life that piss us right off–right? …and voyeurs can comment on how stupid I was for getting involved! Well have I got a story for you!

Mature Language from this point onward….

You see, I have this “X” girl friend–as most guys do–and me and her, well, we parted on very negative terms. Actually, she dumped me; she found a better genetically compatible Male to suit her needs and blew me off like a piece of lint. I’m not sore about it, and I actually understand that it was in her nature to do so. However, that was over ten years ago.

Yesterday, I was contacted by an old friend who just happened to be a mutual friend of both me and the “X” at the time: and has long since lost contact with her too. He told me that he had a run in with her, my “X,” and that they had a short conversation. He was asked to pass on a bit of query regarding an debt that was made during the time just before the “Dump,” and reparations were in order.

“Me…” I said, “You got to be kidding! That sorry, good for nothing &*%%$ wants me to pay for her credit card–because she wants a clean credit history? Give my a break!” As I stood there in disbelief.

“I know–don’t’ kill the messenger–she said that both of you used the card, and she knows it was her’s, but she figures that you owe part of it too…” My friend repeated the story to me. “And she is waiting to hear from you through me, as to when you can pay her the money!”

Well, I started steam inside. I could not believe what I was hearing. You see, this woman left the relationship without as much as a peep as to why she wanted to never be with me–so her coming back after all these years to make such a ridiculous request–welded–the fact that she is nuts. No, NO! That was her credit card, and she bought crap with it at her own free will: on herself I might add. She never said anything after her leaving me–about anything. I’m sorry, but she is a dead-beat-bitch, and she can rot in hell for all I care. Unbelievable–to wait ten years–she must be single again!

6 Thoughts on “Love Bites: as it spits bile

  1. What a weirdo!!!! Don’t let her bother you. She just wants attention.

    Ignore her.

  2. I intend on ignoring it altogether. Now that I think back, “she” was probably “the” reason why I have set such high standards when it comes to earning trust, (and trusting back) in any relationship. Which is probably one of the main reasons why never find myself in relationships. So, ya, Move’n on, move’n on….

  3. Yup……

  4. Wow, evil bitch.

    Send her a bill for all the ‘counselling’ (lap dances) and ‘medication’ (beer) you had to shell out for after your break-up (you know, to help you ‘deal’ with the anguish).

  5. Hey, good idea….. I never looked at it that way before….. hummmmmm. No-I’m letting it go! Not even entertaining the idea of a response. But I like your thinking Roger. 🙂

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