Aw… Kids!

Watching a creative mind go to work is not just Aw and Amazement to watch as they learn, but a great sense of satisfaction that comes from having being part of that learning experience with them. Like imprinting on one’s growing mind, that thought will never be forgotten as long as they live, and will evolve into something beautiful as time goes on. But watching them learn and grow is satisfaction enough.

Here is some amazing art brought to you by Danielle, 6 1/4 years old, (who is the duaghter of very good friends of mine), who has just By Danelle, Age 6, her first Gif Animationstarted to master the Graphics Digital Writing Tablet, and has created a master piece called: Dancing Flower between 2006 and 2007. Very clever how she got the “6” to morph into a “7” eh? She had spent at least an hour on this piece of art, and made me promise to post it here for the whole world to see–and show her friends once back in school. I had purchased the Graphic Tablet about a week ago, and really had not had any time to use it myself. She was board while the adults where off talking, and she had no friends, or any really cool things to do, so, I grabbed the Lap Top, plugged in the Tablet, and a-way-she went. Before you know it, it was time to go home–couldn’t take it away from her if the world was on fire! So this was the deal: I promised to post this animation, and she would come back again to carry on with her Master Piece! Of course, poor old dad will probably be inundated with requests the next time he goes computer shopping…. He he he.

5 Thoughts on “Aw… Kids!

  1. That is so cool!
    I am very impressed.
    I hope my niece is that capable and smart when she’s that age!

  2. I’ll tell Danielle that you enjoyed it. She’ll be very pleased to hear such positive criticism. Thanks Lily!

    The Writing Tablet was bought on E-Bay for about $85.00 US. The Product is “Graphic Tablet,” 8 X 6 inch size tablet with “1024 levels of pressure sensitivity.

    It comes with software for both Windows and Mac. You get trial versions of Corel Painter IX, and Adobe Photoshop CS.

    You can download both from Bittorrent. 😉 and use a mouse to do basic animations. Though, the writing tablet makes a world of difference when drawing.

  3. I need to try getting my tablet working on linux!

  4. Actually it was one of the easiest USB devices to work with LINUX that I found. It was almost “plug and Play.” Surprising, there is a lot information regarding writing tablets for LINUX, you just need to go into Root,  and then rewrite the LIB file to suit your needs once you got the hack–then cut and paste it in.

    Tweaking it was the tough part though, as the hacks that are given seem very basic with a couple of settings. I wish I knew more code in XML

    Once the tablet is going, it works great with GIMP, Inkscape and KDE Paint. Unbelievable what you can do with such a device!

  5. COol! I will try! I have a wacom graphire3 or something !:)

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