In with the New: Out with the Old

Wow, eh, the year is almost done, over, finished! For me, it went by like a blur–fast, hard and straight. Like a well planed event, this year was not ranked higher on any other year for me, in fact, on my personal scale of rating years in terms of productivity, this year was average. But, not to be taken to the back seat on this ride of life, this year had some moments, some good, some bad, but overall, satisfactory.

Perhaps the greatest achievement on record, not only for the year, but for my entire life, was graduating my first two years from College with an Asco. Degree in Criminology. That was a shinning victory in my list of achievements.

Another moment of glory for me was leaving the Dead End job I held for so many years, a job of nearly twelve years. Although that event took place in 2005, my actual quiting date, or day of freedom, was on December 31, 2005–so this would make 2006 the official start to a truly new chapter in my life. My ride along that road of life has truly being a great one, with many new friends, adventures and expectations now passed, and more still to come.

For the economy, it was great. My little corner of the world was, and still is, basking in times of plenty. Having employers pursue me instead of me chasing them, is a different change–though very nice and satisfying to say the least. I can only attribute that feeling to my post secondary education, and training in my field of expertise.

So, lets see what the New Year has in store for all of us! By this time tomorrow, the new calendar will be showing a new set of swimsuit girls and sporty cars, and me making a conscious effort to remember that it is 2007, not 2006 anymore when doing my paperwork.

Happy New Year everyone!

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