It was the Day After New Years…

This is a passage from my journal about fifteen years ago. Slightly edited and made for the weblog, I felt this little bit of story telling would be good for those who just woke up and who are making their fist cup of coffee of the new year.

Poor fella my next door neighbor is, because he has a slight hangover from too much drink last night, and he is a little grumpy when I went to the store this morning to buy bread. Why would he be a little grumpy when I’m just going to the store, you ask? “Well, because I had to start my vehicle and make some noise–that’s why.” So I also thought to myself, “self, why does he care so much about the sound that my vehicle makes when he has heard that sound so many times before?” Then I answered my myself, “because he drank too much last night and he has a hangover now.”

So I thought about what he had said this morning, when I came back from the store in my vehicle, the point of him being grumpy from drinking too much last night, and now has a hangover… So, I made my counter argument to him, as he came back out from his patio deck and confront me yet again, one that, this time, made him hiss at me, and then he stomped off back into his house. Yesterday in the dead of night, I heard the sound of vehicles, about 3:00am in the wee hours, that seem to have awaken me from my sleep, because I remembered hearing it. So, passing that bit of information back to my next door neighbor makes him just as guilty as the finger that he points at me.

The moral of the story is: in your moment of celebrations, and the cause of your morning pity–you’ve probably committed the same action that you yourself are accusing me at this very moment.

Happy New Year!

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