Fancy Cursors with the X11 DeskTop

I hit a milestone with my desktop yesterday! I use a X11 desktop called Gnome, that came bundled with FedoraCore6, 6.2.3 Kernel. For months I was trying to figure out how to change, install and create basic cursors for this desktop. Then yesterday, looking for something else, I tripped over this little website, which lists only a small number of created theme, icons and cursors for X11 desktops made by volunteers and contributors. Some of these cursors are very well done, and I downloaded my favorites and installed them almost effortlessly.

I use the word “effortlessly” with some hesitation because had it not being for very small post, a line in a comment, I would of never figured out how to get these cursors to work with Gnome, that seem to work well with Xfce and KDE. Not all cursors are created the same for the X11R71 Desktop; in fact, without the proper link, the cursor will not work at all for most window and program specific applications: i.e., Mozilla-Firefox, your File Browser, root installed programs.

Xcursor needs “Xcursorgen” and “ln” to create a proper cursor theme for Xll. Xcursorgen of course creates the actual cursor from the image, whether a single static, or animated images. “ln” is used for linking cursor after it is being created as a cursor. Please note, for you MS Windows users, these are command-line programs–sorry, no GUI, you must type!

I hope this helps a little bit for those of you who are running the X11 desktop, and want fancy cursors.

I heard a good one about MS Windows: “They say you get demonic messages from a MS CD if you play it backwards. But if you think that’s bad: wait until you play it forward!”

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