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Girls, why? For me, and probably for most Males, clothing is an apathetic accessory that is kept as simple as possible, with as little variation that one can have, and is kept as cheap as possible. If it hurts, I will not wear it. If it feels uncomfortable then it gets tossed into the Drop-Off Clothing Bin down the street. Self torture is not a very happy way to spend everyday of one’s life. So, why do some people do it?

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The new craze for women who want to “slim” up their figure, seems to be a modern version of the 18 century corset, called Spanx. I guess it replaces traditional underwear that leaves a “pantie-line” as seen with certain types of outerwear. But for my friend, she told me that these are just “torture” to wear for some women–like herself. It is tight fitting and thicker than nylon, thus causing circulation problems, especially the bodysuit version of this product.

Is the price of looking slim and beautiful worth the price of uncomfortable clothing? Hey, as long as men are looking, and giving an reaction, then the girls are going to wear these undergarments and continue the tradition of self-torture.

Well, I asked that question to a colleague who was complaining about her new wardrobe. She gave me an ear full. She said: “I do it because this it what men want to see…” Well, if this is worth an outfit that cuts off blood circulation, then maybe this view should be reevaluated regarding what is more important: what men think, or a happy life? Is this why she wears clothing that covers her, but hides nothing? Maybe some ethical criticisms are needed here?

Note: I thought the brand name was “Spanks,” but according to a CBC Radio program I just heard, it is “Spanx.” Weird that this topic was also brought up on the radio, of all days.

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