If There Was a Natural Disaster….

If there was a natural disaster, would you be ready for it? Well according to our presenter at our local community centre, only 12 percent of us would be prepared for such an event that would leave us longer than 72 hours without electricity and water. Of course we came close last month already with the windstorm that we had, but it was only for two days, so it really only counted as taste of what it could feel like to go longer. The point was driven home when we discussed the aspects of an 8.5 earthquake, and what it would mean to go longer than 72 hours–say three weeks or more without essential services. We all know that our power grid is so fragile, that I would assume it to be a given that it would go first, even under minor conditions there would be disruptions; however, to have the water and sewage knocked out, that would be a true disaster due to the length of time it would take to repair it. That would stink! Also the issue of timing came up. The “what if scenarios” that were talked about, i.e., such as right now, middle of a snow storm, severe drought, which were presented as checklists that we had to fill out and then determine what each of us would do if faced with any of these situations. It was grim indeed. Even with the gas powered generator, a box of candles, some emergency kits, our staying power would be less than a week before we started to loose the survival game. Sadly, we would be at the mercy of our government for help. yes, I hope they are ready, because most of use are not.

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