White and Fluffy Out

Looks like the white and fluffy stuff is falling from the sky again. I woke up this morning, and to my surprise, the ground was covered with the bright colour of white–as far as the eye could see. I then turned on the radio to hear what was going on, and reports of snow-associated-carnage was being reported all over the place from this little weather disturbance, especially in the Provence of Saskatchewan. But in my province, British Columbia, just up the road (about 250KM away) people are reportedly stranded in the their vehicles because of snow-drifts 7 metres hight! Here at home, we have about 5CM of snow, but because we are not accustom to it, life has virtually grown to a halt–again.

We had the power go out for a few minutes. Now, this is a good sign because usually this means that workers who are taking care of the power-grid are out in full force, already on top of anything that can go wrong. However, this could also mean that there was an accident involving a power pole somewhere. Either way, I’m glad it’s holding.

So guess what? I’m not going anywhere. I was going to head out over to the cinema for a flick, but this weather is enough for me to stay right where I am. I encourage anyone whose effected by this arctic snow storm to do the same. And for those of you who just happen to be living in a nice warm climate: can I stay over at your place till this storm blows over. 🙂

2 Thoughts on “White and Fluffy Out

  1. Yeah, I stayed pretty close to home as well today. Yesterday ws no picnic either. The boss was out flying in that crap to help get the power back on.

    Can’t say I minded him going out instead of me.

  2. Our power is still flickering on and off here in the fort, and I lost my email service from my ISP since the last 15 min outage 3 hours ago, so it could be an interesting night???? My driveway is now one thick, single sheet of ice after I cleared it–I should of left it I guess? Great news, -7C tonight, cool.

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