Friends, Dates and Manipulations: Lets Learn the Hard Way

I’m going to attempt to write this post in a gender neutral fashion because I don’t want to add more bias to an already bias subject. I have these two friends, and I have known both for several years. I was not the one responsible for these two meeting; however, I did encourage their relationship to continue, even through the dark days when it seemed everything was lost and domed for the end. After today (yesterday now) I have excepted that all hope must be severed and that the balance of nature should now take its place–and let them go to their bitter end, and separate.

You see–when two people fall in love with each other, it plays havoc with time and space. It is human nature for a bonding couple to frolic and want to spend time with each other: it serves its purpose in the big picture. But what if these bonding elements are based on all the wrong reasons? Say, they genuinely believe that they are a compatible unit because our social standards say so? Say for example that beyond the sexual drive, people like to see these two people together because they represent a stereotype that has been built on modern preconceptions–rather than true love–if such a thing really exists? Now add another element, the time and resource investment that must be maintain while this courtship is taking place, i.e., bills, expenses, gifts, etc….

Manipulation has always being apart of this comedy of errors. To see two grown people locked in verbal combat falls between shame and entertainment–well for me anyways. To place meanings and conjecture into one’s words, leaving no space for escape, is an art form in today’s bonding relationships. We see it on television, in literature, and through other couple’s actions. One person makes a claim, the other says “I don’t agree,” then the response back is: “You don’t love me…” When this level of communication is constant between the two, then someone must step in and referee the situation because they have effectively forfeited any hope of resolving it themselves.

Sadly I have abandon my friends. I left their apartment and decided that even my friendship with them is not worth the energy to be with them. Perhaps even my ideals have gotten in the road of my sight, and have effectively blindsided my better judgment. I surly hope that tomorrow, we can all see the difference between right and wrong and start the process of healing. I’m tired, and I’m going to bed now. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for my friends.

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