Astronomy news: Comet McNaught

It has being a while since I seen a good shot of a bright comet, and I have being keeping an eye on this one for the last two days, now that we are getting super clear and cold weather. Also, a lot of news and television shows have being reporting this event too–so I though I would steer you all in the right direction if you want to see it. I know that is rather short notice because the event will take place in about 2 hours from the time I post this, but at least you can see the event and look in the right direction. As with most comets, they are not up high in the sky–most are towards the horizon. Here is what Astronomy Magazine says about today’s event:

To increase your chances of spotting the comet, start observing along the southwestern horizon 15 minutes after sunset. Use binoculars if you have them. If you spot a bright object, watch it as long as you can. The comet sets about an hour after sunset Monday and Tuesday, and sooner Wednesday through Friday. Don’t confuse the comet with Venus, which sets around 6 P.M. local time.

I’m going to try and get some photos of it. If it works, my camera, then I’ll post the photos here. Happy comet gazing!

UPDATE: I just got back in from standing outside at my favorite viewing spot, just outside of Fort Langley, for getting a glimpse of the comet. There are too many clouds along the horizon that made it difficult to get a clear shot for a photo; although I could see it, it was not clear enough to see the whole object in its entirety. There is always tomorrow!

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