The Stuff You Hear on the Radio: The Diet Patch

The stuff you hear on radio these days just makes me laugh so hard sometimes, that I snicker to myself for days afterwards because it was so funny. Well, I had one of those moments the other day when I was laid-up at home waiting out the snow/wind storm. It was on CBC radio, the station I prefer to listen to, when they played a little sketch at the end of one of the afternoon shows–I can’t remember which one it was? Anyways, it was funny.

It is called the Diet Patch. At first I was wondering why they would even play a commercial on a commercial free station, but then it got really weird once the first few lines were spoken by the announcer. First, the patch was guaranteed to work on anyone who uses it. Second, it was cheap, practically free, like $2.00. Third, it had three testimonials, all with unbelievable claims of how much weight they lost–of course they never said anything, other than “hu Uh,” or “Uhm Uhm.” It was the third testimonial that killed landed my ass on the floor from laughing so much because all you heard was the sound of a heart monitor beeping, then it flat-lined, and faded out as the announcer said that: “Wendy lost 216Lbs!”. Finally you heard the sound of tape being pulled off from someone’s mouth…. I’m in tears from laughing so hard! What a brilliant idea for someone to diet with: some duck tape over their mouth!

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