Fight Night: Was it all Worth While?

Yes-sure, there was a fight at the fort yesterday, right in front of the government liqueur store, over a parking spot. Yes, you heard me correct, mayhem was caused over a parking spot, when two motorist were champion to get the next available, (free of snow,) parking stall. Although no one was hurt, as no punches were thrown, I hope that these two people, both women, will wake up this morning feeling as low as one could can go with embarrassment.

With road rage becoming an ever growing problem with drivers, in our ever increasing congested roads, people are taking bold, aggressive and sometimes lethal responses to all new heights.  In this case, because the Government Store had its parking stalls shoveled and salted, while the rest of the parking lot lay covered with ice, people are more apt to park in the most convenient spots available.

The altercation lasted a mere 30 seconds, leaving all who witnessed stopped in their tracks.  The finger pointing, the verbal threats, and threats of further retaliations, as each claimed that they will seek justice in a court of law, added more to the intensity as each driver walked back to their SUV and started writing down various notes before they each drove off in their separate directions. Mind you, they never did go into the Liqueur Store, so a double whammy for those businesses who never shoveled their side of the parking lot.

But what concerns me, is that these are not two crack addicts with severe drug and poverty issues–they are both middle class people that seemed to be financially secured.  Their vehicles are new, and they dressed quite respectfully.  Yet they both, without hesitation, enforced their point of view upon each other, leaving me with the impression that our little village is not so little anymore.

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